Welcome to A Day At The Football, a blog containing my match day experiences from all levels of the footballing pyramid.

My footballing story began in 1996 when the beautiful game came home. As a seven year-old still high off the fumes of Euro 96, I fell in love with Arsenal. I discovered the creative genius of Dennis Bergkamp, the charismatic yet lethally efficient Ian Wright, and the heroic moustache of David Seaman.

However this won’t be an Arsenal blog. God knows the internet has enough of those. No, this site will consider the wider world of football, wherever I may roam. I’ll write about Arsenal on the rare instances I can actually afford to watch them but I’ll also cover the other games I go to, the other teams and grounds I experience.

I also write about baseball at England Tribe, and you can find out more in the link below.


I hope you enjoy the stories of my travels in football.

Ash Day